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       We are a small home based aviary, in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.  Specializing in color mutations for Parrotlets, Lineolated Parakeets, and show quality type Canaries; Glosters, Red Factors And Color-Bred birds. We are committed to raising the very best future family members.

We perform our daily tasks of cleaning, nutritionally feeding, socializing, and nurturing. It has become a family responsibility, which is loved & enjoyed by all of us. We are dedicated to raising the best show & pet quality birds. We hand feed our birds only the best organic seed mix, which we personally mix and combine. A combination of conditioning food, egg food, hand rearing formula, and weaning food… that was designed by us, and freshly prepared.

We have developed these recipes over the years from learning & studying each nutritional value of each ingredient, to promote strong growth & feather quality. We also include an array of cooked foods, (rice, pasta, beans, birdie bread, etc...) fresh fruits, sprouted seed mix, Greens, vegetables, and sprouts, to their daily diet. Only the best products are purchased, so you can be assured that your future family member has started out with the best.

We have been breeding canaries since 1981. We went on a small hiatus, (child rearing) LOL… Now we are back and we are dedicated to raising type canaries. We have tried many different canaries, and have decided that; the uniqueness of the Gloster canary and the beauty of the Red Factor & Color-Bred canary are the birds that interest & challenge us the most…

During this transition, I became enchanted with the ever so popular Parrotlet. Oh my, what a bird. Parrotlets are from the Amazon family, & believe me they have that big bird personality; but in a small package. Don't let the small size fool you; they go from sunrise to sun set.  Energizer bunny…plus some. 

Then a very good friend of mine, (Thanks, Steve) introduced me to the world of Linnies.  Lineolated Parakeets are wonderful, fascinating, little birds. They are as sweet as the day is long. The perfect pet bird? Yes, all that and more. Why every household does not own one is beyond me.
We are inspired to spread the Linnie word.

So that's our story, and we are sticking to it!!!
Hope you enjoy browsing our Web Site. We hope we  impressed you enough, to choose to adopt your future family member from us. We look forward to hearing from you. If we can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us. We will always be here for you.
Friendly Flock
Last Update: 12/1/2012
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A Friendly Flock Index with Description:

This page is a brief explanation of each page. Just click on the colored text and it will bring you to that page.

Our Parrotlet Page give you a description of Parrotlets, their personalities & their needs. There is also a connecting page to Parrotlet Chicks Growth Page at the bottom of the page.

Our Lineolated Parakeet Page gives you a description of Linnies, from a friend of ours. He includes his story, along with very helpful information. That page has a link to a whole page of Linnie Pictures, which shows different color mutations. Then that page is linked to Linnie Chix Growth page, which shows growth progression pics as the chicks grow up.

Our Canary Page has a descriptions of the Gloster, Red Factor Color Bred Canaries we are breeding. There are also some pictures of our breeding room set up on that page. This page has a link at the bottom to a whole page of Canary Photos. & Canary Chick Photos

Our Flock Breeder Page will introduce you to our Breeding stock.

Our Available Flock Page will show pictures of our  babies that are available for adoption. You know how grandparent, love to brag. You will also find other flock that is currently for adoption. Just added... Letters from our Flock & Families, we also have our Deposit Policy there. Don't miss our new project, Linnie Growth Daily Video Diary Pg. 1Page 2Page 3,  & Page 4 We thought you might enjoy watching a Linnie grow from the day we pull it for hand feeding. You will also find A Friendly Flock Aviary Warranty, Shipping info, Name Suggestions, & Recipe Ideas.

We also have included a Recently Adopted Page that will show you the babies that have been adopted, and where they have moved to.  Just added... Letters from our Flock & Families, This is like our Breeders Brag Book we are so proud of our babies.

On the Flock Adoption Fee Page you will find our current prices.

On our Flock Photo Gallery Page you will find all different photos of our breeders, babies, & pets. We have Photo page 2, Photo page 3,  Which also has a tribute to our flock that has flown over Rainbow Bridge &  Photo page 4 new photos always being added.

We also have  Flock Video Page, Video Page. 2, Video Page 3, Video Page 4. Which has some wonderful Videos of our flock in action... When you go to those pages you will get an Active- X  page come up, you must click it to view each Video. Most pages have 4 to 5 Videos on them. 

We have included a Flock Poems and Fun Page, & Flock Poems & Fun Page 2 from things we have found fun and interesting that are associated with birds.

Flock Safety includes many things that are dangerous, or hazardous to your feathered flock members. And measures to take to keep their environment happy and safe.

Flock Seed Photo's are pictured individually for you to identify what your bird likes, and what they don't.

Please feel free to contact us through the E-mail Flock Page. We are here to assist you in any way possible. Do not be afraid to ask questions, that is how we learned.

Thank you again to all the people who have helped us along the way. Without you, we would not be the successful breeders we are.

Please take the time to sign our  Flock Guest Book; we would love to know who visited us.

I have also included a Flock Favorite Links Page. This includes places where we patronage, people we know, things we are involved with, & clubs we belong to.

We hope you had fun, and come back soon, and often… We try and keep our site updated with new and interesting material. We are waiting to hear from you.   Have a great day.
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